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We have long-term relationships with our Members. Thus, we do not wish to profit from the unwanted distribution of your private information or to inundate you with unnecessary e-mails or other material. The information you may choose to provide includes any or all of the following: email address, name, postal address, and phone number. In fact, we only disclose the information you provide us for payment processing, and do not forward information to 3rd parties for mailing, marketing or other purposes. With your approval, we use the information you provide us in the following ways: Internal List: Everyone who submits personal information to online and subscribes to become a paying member, can elect to receive “Trade Alerts”. Members can unsubscribe to the Trade Alerts at any time from their account settings page.

Premium Membership: If you decide to subscribe to Premium Membership, we do not have access to your credit card information. Our payment processor Stripe processes your payment in a secure encrypted page and your credit card number is not revealed or stored on our servers.

Other Privacy Issues:

Cookies: may use cookies, tags, pixels and similar technologies to enhance your experience on our site. These technologies allow us to recognize your preference information, keep track of the choices you make concerning the e-mails you wish to receive, and to facilitate effective Website administration. You may elect to refuse cookies, or to delete the cache without any loss of service from this website.