Frequently Asked Questions

We research the stock market daily, 365 days per year and write about the trade the at we believe will provide a positive return for our readers. We publish long and short stock trades, option trades, and also provide guidance on portfolios that could work over a long-term horizon for investors who don't want to trade day in and day out. Stock market updates, and commentary on forecasts are also published on this site.

We trade stocks and options both long and short, with a measure of risk that we will accept. On risky trades we define stops, and we also measure out trades with a risk level of low, medium or high. This is a subjective measure of how we view the risk in a particular trade. We also trade in very short term trades that we may get out of within days, and also trades that are very long term that we may hold for over a year. Always with the objective of producing a market beating return.

The Portfolios simulate and track stock holdings with the objective of beating the S&P 500 by a healthy margin. Our buys and sells are tracked, and we created two portfolios to represent a long only and a long and short portfolio. Each has no more than 10 positions, and we don't chase high-risk momentum stocks. We seek undercovered trades that can provide outsized retured over time. In both portfolios any single position normally wouldn't exceed 25% of the portfolio.

Each investor or trader is different, and our option trades can be executed with 1 contract or more based on risk tolerance or the size of your trading account. There is no minimum account size that's required. Our trades are not based on margin or leverage requirements. We don't write about trades that aren't executable by retail accounts.

We track over 2200+ stocks individually to determine relative performance and sector performance. Momentum, fundamentals, volatility, macro trends, management and insider buying or selling inform our views on a stock to determine whether we believe it should be a long or short position. Small caps, penny stocks or pink sheet companies are not our thing, we're focused on companies with market caps of $500M or greater. We look for a margin of safety on all of our trades and we define stops on our most risky trades.

The option trades that we put on are long and short with prudent strategies. We don't do speculative condors, straddles or stangles where risk is random. Our option trades are biased with defined risk and we tend to lean toward longer time horizons to allow for trades to work vs. short term expirations where something has to happen within a short-term window. We also like to write Puts on companies where we'd like to own a stock at a particular price. We only do this when we believe we can pocket income with little risk, or we'd like to own a stock at a defined entry point. We don't speculate on long Calls or Puts for the sake of gambling on a position.

At all times we share our trades in real time, we track open positions and closed trades as well so you can see the performance of everything that we do. We put our own money most of the trade that we write about, we also define stops to minimize losses if we see something going against our thesis for a trade. We're incessant about protecting capital. We don't autotrade because we will not be stewards of your money with carte blance access to trade as we wish. Your money is your money, and we take every trade seriously. Every dollar counts and our returns speak for our track record.

We don't offer auto trading since we believe that's an irresponsible way to manage your own money. No one should have access to place trades on YOUR money. You decide what trades you should execute and which ones you should not. Plain and simple, we don't want to access your money and make trades, if you believe our trades are compatible with your risk tolerance then trade with us, if not then you should pass on those trades.

You can cancel on the website under the account settings page at anytime with no obligation for further payments as long as we have 5 days notice. You would have access until the end of your current billing period. Within the 5 day period of your billing date any payments that go through will not be refunded as that is our cancellation notice period.

Access to the website is $39/month, our prices may increase over time, but we will not raise prices for subscribers who have locked in at our current rates. If you cancel and renew later, you would pay the current rates at that time.