Position Update 10/31/2019

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So far 2019 has been a home run for our trades as we're up on all of our trades and most are over 100%. Here is a snapshot of our closed positions.

Here are our currently open positions with the exception of the Costco Puts which expired this month.

We have 4 stock positions still open, Microsoft, Apple, Gold ETF and Nestle. We're still long those and see no reason to close them yet. Our option trades have been extremely strong across the board. Our Pfizer trade which cost us $1 per set of options is up a whopping record of 9800% as of today, our best trade ever! Even our recent American Airlines trade which we entered 3 weeks ago is up 1285%

While the stock market is making new highs and trade issues haven't been resolved, we're about to see a powerful tug of war in the market. Global growth is still slowing, US interest rates are being cut which signals concern by the Fed, corporate earnings are strong relative to low expectations, and housing and jobs growth is declining. There's no reason to be an all out bear on the market, but our best days may be behind us in this over extended bull market.

In the coming weeks we will be creating multiple portfolios, our stock and option portfolios will get much more developed, in addition we're close to creating a dividend portfolio and a low beta portfolio. More news to come soon.

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