Take advantage of the volatililty

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Take advantage of the volatililty

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We are researching positions every day and publish trades as we see opportunities come up.  


Here are examples of some actual option trades:

July 18, 2013:  Short Angie's List
July 25, 2013:  Buy to cover Angie's List +10.7%

July 9, 2013:    Sell Puts on 3D Systems (DDD), +84%

Performance report from July 2013

We don't create complex strategies, we keep it simple so that beginners or advanced traders can follow our trades and understand the upside and downside.  Every trade has risk, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  We work hard to find trades for you that maximize returns and minimize risk.  


Some of the option strategies that we use are:

One of our favorite strategies is SELLING PUTS AND BUYING CALLS resulting in as close to zero cost as possible and sometimes even a net CREDIT while maintainig long exposure (or reverse for short exposure).

We will also make stock recommendations, long and short.  

Q:  How often are trades made?  
A:  We don't trade every day, market conditions change and we put trades out as we see opportunities for high percentage returns.  Expect at least 4 trades per month, but we ususally will publish more with no guarantees since it's based on market conditions.

Q:  Why should I trust your trading advice?
A:  We put the same trades on in our own account, we're publishing trades that we want to make money on as well.  We also do a lot of quantitative research on the positions measuring upside potential, downside risk, managing that risk, and looking at technicals on the underlying security.  We also take market conditions into account in every trade.  You're not going to see us gamble on earnings calls, make long stock calls when the market is pulling back, or recommend an option strategy without defining the risks.  We do market scans each day on over 350 securities and look for dislocations in option spreads, and high premium option plays that we can sell.  Anyone can sell puts at .15 cents a contract, but try finding ones that pay over $1.00 with a high percentage of the contract expiring within just a few months.  That's the type of trade we hunt for every day.

Q:  How much do I need to invest in these trades?
A:  You can invest as little as $500 in some of the trades, or as much as you want.  We don't recommend putting your retirement account or nest egg at risk on any trade or position that we recommend.  These trades are best suited for the portion of your account that you trade with on a regular basis outside of your core diversified positions.  Remember, these are trades, not investments.

Q:  What are the goals of your trades?
A:   We try to preserve capital and limit risk while gaining net long or short exposure on every trade.  In other words, we look for smart strategies to gain directional exposure, define entry points through selling puts, and we also define our target time horizon on each trade.  In markets where direction isn't clear we look for opportunities where stocks won't go, and we capitalize on that through options.

Q:  Do you make a profit on every trade?
A:  No!  We wish we did, but we occassionally will pick losing trades.  We aren't emotionally attached to our trades, and if something isn't going well, we will exit a trade at the right time to preserve our capital.  

Q:  How do I make these trades?
A:  You will have to setup your own brokerage account, and get approval to trade options.  We don't trade for you, we just share our trades as we make them.  You can decide which positions and strategies you want to participate in yourself.  You can be picky and selective, or you can trade everything that we do.

For more questions, contact us at admin@aplustrades.com and we'd be glad to help answer any questions.  

Let's make some money,
A Plus Trades