Year End summary for 2015

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We've been a little late to post our year end wrap up from 2015, but here it is. We put on a total of 32 trades for the year and made a profit on 21 of them, or 65%. We had 11 trades that were losers, and still managed to put up a 1,318% cumulative gain from all of our trades that closed in 2015.

Our largest winner was a synthetic long position on Microsoft which returned $4.15 on a $.50 cent outlay resulting in a 728% gain. Our loser for the year was an ill-timed and outright bad trade on LINN Energy resulting in a 230% loss. There were 20 stock trades both long and short, which in total returned a 112% gain. We will continue to post periodic trade summaries and updates throughout 2016.

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