Close the calls on GLD

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Over the past few days the dollar has been strengthening, and the rally in gold has faded for the short term.  We're closing the October $150 Calls on GLD at $0.52 cents, for a small gain of 4%.  These calls were up over 60% from our purchase price of .50 cents just two days ago, and we will have a better opportunity to position ourselves for a run up in GLD.  No reason to stay in this trade right now and risk capital.  From this point forward if gold doesn't rally, you'll see time decay imact these calls, so we'd rather sell, and reposition for another bullish gold trade in the near future.

Keep the short Puts for now that we opened at .57 cents, they are now worth .40 cents, and we're up 30% on that position.  No need to close that just yet as we don't see gold dipping below $1200 as of right now.


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